an ending

iStock_000044305246MediumWhile my work is amazingly rewarding, sometimes it involves loss. This past year two souls touched my heart, and then left without saying good-bye.

Etsuko, my Shihan sister. We shared a respect of each other’s contribution to the spread of Jikiden Reiki, support of its practice, the love of the children we bore and raised into adulthood, and the lives we lived over the years with no judgment. We anchored each side of the Pacific. An ocean apart. A culture away. A fast-found-friendship that surprised us both. And now I, left to bare the loss, of what might have been between two women speaking truths over private messages on Facebook. Sharing stories and feelings and giving and getting unedited words on a page, raw and real. Always based in unspoken love and kindness. I feel your loss in my life, and in my heart. I will miss you always.

Julia, the little spirit girl. You came gently into my life, a joy in your parent’s eyes. Excited for your arrival. Loving you dearly along the way. My Reiki hands held above you making the connection. Sharing hello. One month, two months, three months. The wait seems long. Then no more. The circle of life. It contains many lessons. Some we recognize, some to be realized later, in the quiet pauses of our soul. Changing lives.  Your sweetness, always remembered.

My teacher says there is no loss, only love.

I must agree, on both accounts.


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