10 Easy Steps to Turn Competition into Cooperation for a Successful Reiki Practice

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All of us have heard “If you change your thoughts and you can change you life”. It’s big picture stuff. Or is it? Can just one thought be the magic bullet and change everything? Maybe, but usually we have multiple spiraling thoughts that contribute to our actions. So I decided I would start with what I know best, a Reiki practice. Over the past 11 years I have either witnessed or had first hand experience with stuck competitive thinking.

This is no namby-pamby, touchy-feely article encouraging peace, love, and hugs. It is 10 suggestions on how you can open your business to growth through cooperative action. For each one of the competitive thoughts, I present corresponding-cooperating ideas that can help change your life. Or in this case, your practice.

1- These are my clients

Get to know and trust another Practitioner. One you could recommend to your clients when you are out of town. Emergencies come up. Your clients will have more respect for you-putting their needs before your own ego.

2 -My Reiki is better than yours

Perhaps it is. And if it is then no need for comparison.

If you feel someone else is better than you, then like Avis . . . “Try Harder”. Practice. (Okay to compete here-but only with yourself.)

3- It’s them against me

Support other Reiki Practitioners –be an ambassador for the modality, it’s still developing in the mainstream as an alternative option.

4- Clawing my way to the top

Adopt the Reiki Principles into your life. Enough said.

5- It has to be me, just me

Plan an event with other Practitioners that touches more people than if you did it by yourself. Sometimes bigger is better.

6- That’s not legal

If someone gets caught with hands in the cookie jar- the public may think you are also guilty. Share business building information. A strong Reiki presence, built on integrity, in a community, will always help your business flourish

7- Envy is ugly

Celebrate other Practitioner’s success, and mentor your own students to achievement. They will be grateful and speak highly of you to others.

8- Coming from lack – clients

Know there is a limitless amount of clients

9- Coming from lack -students

Know there is a limitless amount of students

10- They’re not playing nice

Choose your playmates and know that others may not be ready to play. Seek out those who are. Remain in your integrity. It’s a magnet for good.